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The Greening Markets  Research Group

Exploring green market growth and assisting environmentally conscious organizations and individuals.  

In association with the SEARCH Centre at Liverpool Hope University.

Working Together

About Us

The Greening Markets Research Group is based within the SEARCH Centre at Liverpool Hope University and is dedicated to furthering the understanding of how and why markets and organizations change to become more environmentally conscientious.  Our research examines individual, organizational, and societal influences.  We also work to assist like-minded organizations and are eager to share our findings with those who would find them useful.  Please let us know how we could help your organization and consider donating to support this important research.

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Our Research

Understanding why markets become more environmentally friendly.

Green Markets Mapping Report 2021:
Measuring Green Consumer Demand Across England and Wales

This report and the connected interactive map contain market greenness scores for postcode districts in England and Wales.  Twenty-one different data sources were used to compute the scores for 2227 postcode districts.  You can access the report and the map through the buttons below or by clicking on the map on the right.

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Green Governance? Local Politics and Ethical Businesses in Great Britain

Greening British Businesses:
SMEs and the New Wave of the Environmental
Social Movement

How Green is Your Pitch and Patch?

An examination of the local market 'greenness' of English Premier League Football Clubs.  Funded by Everton Football Club.



Director of the SEARCH Centre at Liverpool Hope University and Lecturer in Business Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Social Economy. He is  Co-Lead of the Greening Markets Research Group.  He has written 10 books to date, including Lead Editing Author of Integral to Islamic Finance: a Semiotic Approach (2020) and co-author of The Idea of the Communiversity (2019), and of Evolving Work: Employing Self & Community (2019). He is, currently, working on four books. His current research projects are a study of sustainability practices of English Premier League football clubs; the greening of British industry; and developing the theory of reciprocal capital, in relation to non-market economic activity.

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Senior lecturer of Research Methods within the Liverpool Hope University Business School. He is  Co-Lead of the Greening Markets Research Group. He acquired his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from North Dakota State University and his PhD from the University of California at Riverside.  He is published in Ethnic and Racial Studies, International Journal of Social Quality, International Public Management Journal, Business Ethics the Environment and Responsibility, and Sage: Research Methods Cases. His current research projects are focused on the greening of markets, the emergence of societal resilience, and the impact of social protest on business activity.  

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Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our research and activities. Get in touch with any questions or comments regarding our work. We would love to hear from you.

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